Sky Vegas launches new advertising campaign and platform

Updated:2024-03-20 09:37    Views:97

Sky Vegas is set to launch a new advertising platform, with a campaign focused on finding small joys as opposed to the usual spectacle of the City of Lights.  

The campaign and the advertising platform try to subvert gambling industry norms by showing both the wins and losses players can experience at the casino, with the mindset that player joy is found more in the play itself than the potential of winning big.  

This belief is one Sky Vegas has concluded through player research, conducted by the company itself. The tagline for the campaign, ‘Play. It’s why we’re here’ similarly reflects this mindset.  

The campaign has been created alongside the creative agency Who Wot Why. The company’s Executive Creative Director and Co-Founder Sean Thompson said: “The truth is, most of us play little games in life – games with a touch of jeopardy that we can win or lose... Winning and losing is part of life, even in the smallest moments, and it’s fundamentally important and responsible to embrace this in the category.” 

The advertising will feature 60 and 30-second films which will air on TV channels, with the 60-second clip also set for release on cinema screens. These clips will feature a range of everyday occurrences,Play Casino Online recontextualised through the lens of “big entertainment in the small moments,” as Head of Gaming, Brand and Propositions at Sky Vegas Jonathan Lloyd describes.  

“Our research was conclusive; consumers feel that brands within the category don’t understand them and the existing category advertising tropes compound the distrust they already feel towards casinos,” he said.

“We aren’t only focused on the win, but all the feelings of entertainment that players get from online casinos: jeopardy, anticipation, connection – and even losing. That’s their lived experience with us, so it’s only right that we reflect that in our comms.”